The recent inauguration of the Niemeyer Centre has been an encouragement for the city of Avilés state of mind and economy. The Centre, created by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, has works of art for all over the world that revitalise the environment where are located. The Oscar Niemeyer International Culture Centre is a cultural complex designed by Oscar Niemeyer that gathers different artistic and cultural expressions, such as exhibitions, music, theatre, dance, cinema or gastronomy amongst others. It is located at the right bank of the Avilés Ria. It was inaugurated the 26th of March 2011.

The centenarian Brazilian architect (creator of the Basilia city, legend of the universal architecture and the sole architect alive whose work of art is considered Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO) received the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts in 1989. It was the origin of the relation of the architect with the Principado de Asturias. Years later, Niemeyer donated a significant project to the Principado. Its design will become in one of the international references in the production of cultural contents, a space associated to the excellence dedicated to education, culture and peace: “ a place opened to everyone, a place for education, culture and peace”.

This is the only Oscar Niemeyer creation in Spain, and according to his own words, the most important he has made in Europe. This is the reason why the Centre received the name of its creator. According to his own words, the Niemeyer centre is “a place opened to everyone, a place for education, culture and peace”

The Niemeyer Centre is conceived as a magnet able to join these three elements, able to attract talent, able to be a symbol of knowledge and creativity, able to be a place where share it. To reach it, the Niemeyer is going to work with some of the most prestigious cultural centres of the international panorama. In this way, in December 2007, the Niemeyer Centre organized the first “Mundial Forum of Cultural Centres in Avilés” (also known as the G8 of the culture),  in which participated, with intention of continuance, the Lincon Centre of New york, the Barbican Centre of London, the Sydney Opera House, the Pompidú Centre in París, the Alejandría Library, the Tokyo International Forum and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Centro Niemeyer

One of the permanent activities of the Niemeyer Centre will be its Film Centre. Directed by Woody Allen, who proposed the idea to the Government of the Principado de Asturias after several visits to the Asturian region. Many times has Woody Allen shown its support to the Avilés Centre, visiting the city and even including it in its first movie filmed in Spain: Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Also, playing the clarinet together with The New Orleans Jazz Band in the inaugural concert of the centre.

The Centre has a cinema hall located in the polyvalent building. Seat number 7 of the 5 row goes with the name of the New Yorker filmmaker, who inaugurated it in the spring of 2011.

In October 2008 the news came out: the Academy of European Cinema will work together with the Film Centre of the Niemeyer Centre of Avilés. Other international and relevant collaborations are with the London School of Economics and with the Old Vic Theatre of London (nowadays directed by Kevin Spacey), the Foundation María Cristina Masaveu Peterson.
The Centre also has an International Consultant Board that works together with the managing team in the definition of the aims and in the preparation of the contents. These days are part of the Board the filmmaker Woody Allen, the scientist Stephen Hawking, the writer Paulo Coelho, the creator of the Internet and Vice-President of Google, Vinton Cerf and the actor Brad Pitt. The participation of these people expects to show the level of excellence that will try to reach all the activities programmed in the Niemeyer Centre.

Gastronomy: the Centre has three elements dedicated to this science: the restaurant, the cocktail bar (in the Tower) and the “gastro-bar” (in the polyvalent building).

Exhibitions: the main exhibitions hall is located in the Dome. A second hall, smaller than the first one is located in the Lobby of the Auditorium.

Other arts: Education, music, theatre, dance… The Niemeyer Centre gathers different types of artistic and cultural expressions included in its planning.



Centro Niemeyer
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