With "el encanto de avilés" we wanted to create a new concept of modern urban tourist accommodation, minimalist, full-equipped, high quality, where you will be able to enjoy a wide array of sensations that will make a pleasure out of your stay

  • Full HD projector to watch TV or Blu-ray/ DVD like in the cinema; 106 inches projection screen

  • 32 inches TV LCD HD

  • home cinema equipment 5.1

  • viscoelastic mattress (measures 1.60 x 2,00 m.) To really rest

  • independent and viscoelastic pillows. To let your head also relax

  • 2,40 m. sofa with 1,60x2,00m. bed

  • variety of illumination that will allow you to create different atmospheres

  • designer dinner service and cutlery. "The view is also eaten"
a world of sensations
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