A new concept of urban tourist

With "el encanto de avilés" we wanted to create a new concept of modern urban tourist accommodation, minimalist, full-equipped, high quality, where you will be able to enjoy a wide array of sensations that will make a pleasure out of your stay.

Full HD projector to watch TV or Blu-ray/ DVD like in the cinema.
106 inches projection screen.
32 inches TV LCD HD.
Home cinema equipment 5.1.
Viscoelastic mattress (measures 1.60 x 2,00 m.) To really rest.
Independent and viscoelastic pillows. To let your head also relax.
2,40 m. sofa with 1,60x2,00m. bed.
Variety of illumination that will allow you to create different atmospheres.
Designer dinner service and cutlery. "The view is also eaten

Small great details

A modern loft, minimalist, full-equipped, high quality, with small and big details that make a pleasure out of your stay.



Living room

  • Sofa with 1.60-x2.00 m bed
  • FULL HD cinema projector
  • 106 inches electric screen
  • 32 inches LCD HD TV
  • Cable TV with more tan 60 free channels
  • Digital radio with 17 pre-sets
  • Blu-ray / DVD / CD
  • 5.1 home cinema equipment
  • Usb connection for iPod / memory stick / hard disk
  • High thermic efficient and soundproof large window
  • Big Windows and many lamps with own personality
  • Cable Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Bioalcohol fireplace


  • Fridge-freezer, dishwasher, oven, wash machine, microwave
  • Induction vitroceramic, extractor hood
  • Squeezer, toaster
  • Capsule coffee maker
  • Italian coffee maker
  • Led light in table
  • Cleaning and ironing utensils
  • Complete cutlery
  • Saucepans and frying pans
  • Complete dinner set
  • Tablecloth and place mat
  • Cups for breakfast and tea
  • Glasses for sider and for shots, whisky and spirits, wine...


  • 1.60 x 2 meters bed.
  • Viscoelastic mattress.
  • Double bed base with inclination.
  • Sheets.
  • Independent viscoelastic pillows.
  • Led light in the headboard.
  • Wardrobe with sliding doors.
  • High thermic efficient and soundproof large window.
  • Screen projector visible from the bed.


  • Wide shower.
  • Bathroom.
  • Towels.
  • Personal care products.
  • Large window of light input.

Special children

  • Cradle for children under 3.
  • Colourful handles.
  • Bath.
  • High chair.
  • Plates, glasses, cutlery and cups.


With this new tourist accommodation we want to offer something else; something that we often miss when going on vacation ourselve.

Not only feel fine, but also it has to be a space where both body and mind can be relaxed .

Not only a bed to sleep. By creating a loft of 50 m2 practically square, very bright thanks to its three windows and predominantly white, the sensations become spacious and open, and the welfare guaranteed.

It´s not only having a chair or sofa to sit. A big and high quality sofa to be confortable and enjoy.

Not only turn on the lights. The possibility of creates different atmospheres with the illumination.

Not only have heating. Also have a bioalcohol fireplace with a design totally integrated into the environment, which does not stain or pollute and generates a very pleasant heat.

not only watch TV. Enjoy a cinema projector with 106 inches electric screen, Blu-ray/DVD/USB and 5.1 home cinema sound with Marantz quality and Monitor Audio.

Not only background music. A full audio equipment to reproduce your music using CD, your Ipod or your USB

Not only have a minibar. Have a fully equipped kitchen where you have breakfast, lunch, dinner or a coffee.

And if you have a baby, there is nothing you don´t know yet! You could heat up the feeding bottle or make a mush without calling reception, tidy him or her up in a bath for him/her .

If you come with two small children, there is no need to stay in two different rooms and not be able to sleep with your partner in your whole holidays; stay all together in the same place, without having to separate the family and keeping your life as a couple.

Additional services*

Service "flowers with charm"

You can order the flowers and you will have them when you arrive.

Bioethanol for the fireplace

Airport pickup service


Welcome buy

We fill your fridge with whatever you want.

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